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Halo 5 Revealed

Discussion in 'Frontpage News' started by King8Bit, May 16, 2014.


Discussion in 'Frontpage News' started by King8Bit, May 16, 2014.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming Halo game?

  1. Yes

    4 vote(s)
  2. No

    0 vote(s)
  3. If it's PC then I'm down!

    7 vote(s)
  1. Supplice
    Only person that voted yes....

  2. Saiboogu
    I remember how superior Halo Combat Evolved PC was over the Xbox version, and then how they've pissed all over PC ever since. So.. Interested, yes. Looking forward? Only if I can play it in the environment I prefer. I have trouble justifying a several hundred dollar single-tasking machine that plays $50-60 games when I've got a multitasker with it's expense spread over many incremental upgrades and cheap sale games (that ultimately produces higher quality visuals).
  3. King8Bit
    I voted yes ;D I don't give a :poop: what platform it's on. Was originally going to be a damn Mac game at first anyway. I enjoy all the Halo games and went to Semi Finals in our local tournament so I'm pretty damn good at it as well. I usually play mostly PC games nowadays so I would love to see it come back to PC but if I had an XBONE I would pick it up for sure.
  4. Supplice
    Whoa, whoa, whoa - this isn't the Xbox 360, now. The One can multi task as well as your PC can these days. Sure, it may have to 'alt tab' out of a game to do other things, but you have to do that on PC too. And if you're using one monitor, streaming and want to watch stream chat you have to alt tab - on the One, you just snap Twitch. It takes up screen space, sure, but it's pretty awesome. Granted, I know we all use dual monitors so I suppose PC is a bit more effective, but you shouldn't hate on the One THAT much. It's a pretty great machine.
  5. Saiboogu

    In a purely hardware sense any console from the past three gens could have been a PC. But the manufacturers prevent that. An Android tablet or cell with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard comes closer than any console out there just because it provides you with a large library of software both in and out of the walled garden, but it still imposes some multitasking limitations that make it fall short.

    Consoles, on the other hand (any, I'm not singling out XBONE) - walled garden, signed code only, extremely limited multitasking abilities, limited native peripheral support. If they allowed unsigned code or at least issued the certs to anyone in a sub < $100 price range they might have a good case for being a very affordable PC-like appliance, which would be cool. They don't do that though. Sure you can hack it up, but I'm talking retail experience.

    And there's no "hate" here at all. Just explaining why I can't personally justify the expense of a console. They're a walled garden on purpose -- high game prices and controlled market so the manufactures can make more money. Just a different business model than PC gaming, and it's not for me.
  6. Weasel
    I want the old days back when we played Halo on PC til the Sun went down and on and on...
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  7. garler
    I don't have any consoles and I have a like 10 inch fat TV from the 70s or something that I don't even have plugged up, so I've ruled out consoles as an option for this game. :p
  8. Supplice
    Computer monitors bro. USE THEM.
  9. Sandbag
    With Saib. Hate what consoles represent in the game market

    sent through the air using science
  10. Tmitmis
    I must chime in here... I started off playing shooters like System Shock on the PC... then got my a55 kicked by my nephew one xmas playing Halo on the original xbox. As a matter of pride, I HAD to learn how to use that damn controller and DID... now, I can't see why people play shooters with a PC. I still do, of course, but honestly feel that consoles do it better. RPG's, now... or MMO's... PC. Anyway... everyone will flame about anything on this subject... it's "contravershul" (yes: I spelled it wrong on purpose...)...
  11. Saiboogu
    I went through stuff like Wolfenstein, Doom, Unreal.. Got a release day Xbox with my brother, and Halo.. And we really knew it was the next generation of shooter. Spent hundreds of hours in there, but more exploration than combat. Nade flipping a hog over a map barrier so we could bring more firepower to the next zone, or finding ways down from those insanely high bridges to find a spot a dozen zones ahead in the valley below, then run the map backwards to see what new stuff we could find. So when it came to PC, that just felt like the natural step. Modding and map edits, and more generations of modable, user friendly games that inspired so much creativity.. I don't get that on modern consoles, with the shrink wrapped user experience. That's the deal for me. Freedom to really own the game vs getting to watch it play out just the way they intended.
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  12. {PR} Liam
    I like Halo. The generation of TBagging started here... super jump glitch, lunge glitch and more. Brings back memories.

    Sent from my Space Cadet Mind
  13. twitchy
    Uh oh were getting nostalgic. I like halo, but only if they have changed the engine to something like COD uses so the lag doesn't matter.
  14. Saiboogu
    I never played the console versions online any. Were they bad? PC could be a real pain sometimes, but at least it usually worked. With net these days, and the extra CPU horsepower, the old PC should work well. Especially after a recent bug fix patch.

    Still though, it would be awesome to see a well done total conversion of a modern FPS. I've heard MS is cool with names and designs being used, just look at all the 8bit tribute games and stuff. Just has to be nonprofit. Ton of work though.

    sent from the nexus

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