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Teamspeak Bot

Discussion in 'Frontpage News' started by Supplice, May 23, 2014.

  • by Supplice, May 23, 2014 at 9:14 PM
  • Supplice

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    Okay, so thanks to @Saiboogu and @Sandbag the TS3 Bot is working again - finally. Thing had me bashing my head against a wall. So some things to note -
    • It will move you to the AFK channel if you set your status to Away or if you're flagged as idle. Idle, as far as I know, is considered if you don't talk for an extended duration - it may be fine with typing, have not tested yet. It seems to be confirmed - typing in TS will reset the timer. Tests underway currently. Confirmed - typing in TS will NOT flag you as idle and consider you active.
    • It SHOULD send messages, at random intervals and to random people (in the form of PMs, not pokes) to anybody in any {PR} member groups - ranging from Trainee to Council Member. It will be a reminder that members are REQUIRED to wear tags, keep in mind that you are not supposed to have perms without tags - when this is confirmed working, I intend to give it a week to straighten out the mess of 'no tags' 'forgetting tags' anything else before removing perms. Broken. Will fix and get running when I have more info for the bot features. Maybe - server wide broadcast may be superior.
    • If the above becomes an issue, ie spammy when few people are online, I will be open to suggestions to find ways to tweak it where possible.
    • Replaced Random PMs with a server wide broadcast - it will either work really well or really bad, even if it ends up needing adjustments to how often it happens. If it doesn't work out, I'll look into going back to Random PMs. Currently at: 4 hours.
    • Considering and looking into making an exemption list for those effected by the idle timer even when in-game - if you hate it THAT much and can't find a way around it, let me know.
    On that note, be careful trying to switch around with the Away status on... it becomes spammy... It's not fun for everybody in TS.
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Discussion in 'Frontpage News' started by Supplice, May 23, 2014.

  1. {PR} Liam
    Being reminded already is spammy...cant you get it remind those who take the tags off.

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  2. {PR} Liam
    And to solve people that do not have tags due to not being member just assign them a server class or whatever. Dont even need a little icon or whatever.

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  3. Gorian
    ? I don't get what you mean. They already have a server group. It's called "guest".
  4. Supplice
    Considering the event has only happened once in the ~7 hours the bot has been running... not spammy in the slightest. If anything I will be looking into increasing how often it does it. The message is meant to be a reminder to ALL {PR} members that we have rules to wear tags and represent on our servers, including TS - look at Gorian, he's an NGD member and reps them on Steam, but reps us on our servers. I would hope to see the same level of respect from everybody else.

    And people that do not have tags due to not being members? What? Keep in mind, the bot will only message people that are ONLY {PR} members - or, people that should only be in specified groups if they are {PR} members.
  5. {PR} Liam
    As i do. Oh the way you said.it.sounded like you had it like hourly or something

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  6. Abaddon
    Want to point out that Shepherd doesn't talk and types occasionally but is always at the keyboard unless he is in the away channel. He is getting annoyed getting constantly moved by the bot. Something to keep in mind.
  7. Supplice
    I'm aware of this - though I wouldn't call twice since I've been on 'constantly.' It requires being inactive for 30 minutes before being moved, and I'm still not 100 percent sure typing isn't counted as being active or inactive just yet. And I was talking about ways to avoid it - such as keeping a Push to Talk key bound and just tapping it once in awhile, or he could do his 'clicking' thing, as setting people in an exemptions list is far too annoying when the reason we first enabled it was because people DO idle in a channel all night/day and make people think they are there and still do today - case and point, CZ last night when he left his PC on after going home and in TS, and even Shep when he passes out at the keyboard. It happens. People aren't always at their keyboard all the time, sometimes they have to get up and leave for awhile, even me - this is a great way to detect it and save some headaches.
  8. Supplice
    Disabled the random PMs for the time being until I can find more on how it works - testing server wide broadcast every hour for the time being. Will tweak as needed.

    Considering the possibility of making some form of exemption list for the idle timer if it's desperately needed - will observe the next day or two and see how much it's hated.
  9. {PR} Liam
    What if I told you annoying is what made the lightbulb, telephone, banging that hot chick you have been after for 3 years. Sometines "way far to annoying" is the way to go

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  10. Supplice
    Not even sure what this is supposed to be aimed at, Liam. Or what you're trying to say.
  11. {PR} Liam
    It is aimed at the fact that sometimes the bastard way of things is the way to go

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  12. Weasel
    I have to admit that whilst an auto-AFK function is handy, it would be more useful to just get people into the habit of putting themselves in the correct channel when they go AFK.

    If I'm playing DayZ I'll sit in the channel on my own, in case anyone else happens to join. It's frustrating to have to constantly tab to TS3 just to move myself back, and has caused me to not bother with TS unless someone else joins the server.
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  13. Supplice
    I think I've already suggested this several times - it's pretty easy to do and it's what I do when I'm alone.
  14. PsychoAco
    Or just scream to yourself every once in a while. It's what I do.
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  15. Sandbag
    If you make a noise the bot will move you back. No alt tab required. I talk to myself all the time. I'm THAT interesting, so I don't really have this problem.

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  16. Weasel
    Oh I talk to myself but don't habitually press PTT as well.
  17. Abaddon
    Personally not a fan...seems to cause more trouble than its worth IMO. It was removed before for a reason and everyone in my channels hated it. So it's silly to bring it back and force constant tab outs while in game to either move yourself or to answer someone and soon realize you are just being reminded to wear your tags (which everyone does?). I just find it simpler to move to afk when I am away and it takes two seconds to right click and move an afk player to the afk channel (ask Chimpy we did it everytime he was afk). Seems easier to do it that way than deal with the annoyances that at keyboard players have to continually put up with. Just being the devils advocate. :p
  18. Supplice
    Ignoring everything else because I seem to be misinformed, what was the reason for the removal? Last I checked, the firewall had caused the bot to not work at all - and the reason it wasn't enabled as soon as it came back was simply because I messed up the config setting for it and I had to fix that. Apologies if I got that wrong.
  19. Abaddon
    Appologies, though it was working fine at the time from what I remember? I just figured it was taken away for lack of support since I remember people complaining about it back then too. I guess I was never informed of the actual issue, that's why I left that part open. Still not a fan though.

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