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{PR} Gaming

by Saiboogu at 3:54 PM
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Just saw this alpha footage from Space Engineers, an upcoming space construction game. At a glance, it looks like it's close to what I wanted (and didn't really feel like I got) from StarMade -- An open world space sandbox. I know, StarMade technically fits that description -- but it completely fails to get there for me. If they had made the slightest attempt to emulate any elements of an accurate physics model I may have been more impressed.

Unfortunately Space Engineers doesn't look perfect in this department either. I was dissapointed to read about the number of compromises they made in the interests of "intuitive gameplay." I'm tired of games treating me like an idiot - I'd really love to have Space Engineers' absolutely incredible looking collision modeling with Kerbal's accurate Newtonian physics. As it is we're getting what looks like a demolition derby in an immovable grid of asteroids with artificially imposed speed limits.

Granted - a...