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Clan Charter

Jun 21, 2015
Clan Charter
  • The chain of information (not command) flows like this.

    • Members approach Admins of the server/area in question. Admins deal with that scenario and document if required.
    • Server Admins approach Council Members (In the Council Forum) if they have an issue that they can not resolve.
    • Council Members go to the Triumvirates (In the Council Forums) should they require help with an issue.
    • Veterans may join in on council discussions, but do not vote on council decisions.

    Admitting Admins/Specialists
    Game and Server Admins may be proposed by current Specialists, Council Members, or Triumvirates. Council Members will vote on their acceptance.

    • Specialists are appointed by the Council (or Confirmed by the council for Member owned Servers) and are the party ultimately responsible for that server
    • To fit the unique needs and demands of their game server, Specialists may appoint Admins with whatever server-specific permissions are required.
    • These admins will have recognition of their title on the forum.
    • The Specialist may choose if they want forum moderator (applies only to the game server's specific subforum) abilities granted to any of their admins.
    • Any Council Member may temporarily suspend any admin immediately based on abuse reports with council review and polling to determine the permanent outcome.

    Council Members may be proposed by existing Council Members and Triumvirates, and will be accepted with a 75% vote in favour. The vote must run for 7 days.

    Amending Clan Rules
    Rules and clan guidelines must be discussed with changes only allowed with a majority vote of 75% of all active Council Members.

    Polls and Voting
    All polls must include a Yes, No, Abstain option.

    Polls regarding Rule Changes must be advertised by as many means as is reasonable. (FB, Steam, TS etc)

    Active Admins
    You must check the forums regularly and keep an eye on the Admin Forums. If something requires a vote you must comment. Even if your comment is simply, "read, no comment" or in the case of a poll, abstein. This will be the means by which we determine if you are active.

    Non Active Admins will have their admin privileges removed for security reasons until such time as they return. Upon return they may be reinstated by a vote. (This is generally a formality)

    The general rule of thumb is warning the kick, kick, Ban. This type of administration is generally to do with behavioural issues. eg: Language, Racism, bullying etc.

    Hacking with proof may require an insta ban.

    Each game has it's own peculiarities/issues and the Admins of that server must come up with guidelines to address how this rule of thumb will apply in their game. This should be stickied at the top of their respective Admin Forum so that Senior Admins may review and monitor it.

    ALL BANS must be documented. They should be posted in the Server Issues & Bans Group for review by Senior Admins.

    Bans of PR Members will always be reviewed and discussed by Senior Admins, so be certain of your right to ban someone before you do. Non-Member bans can still be lifted upon review by request.

    Any other form of restriction upon a PR Member, including Warnings, must be documented to allow Senior Admins to remain aware of what is going on between members.

    Advertisement of Other Servers

    NO advertising of other servers in ANY {PR} branded game servers, voice servers, or websites.

    Member Restriction Logging
    • All Bans will be added to "Bans" section by appropriate admin and immediately locked. (Publicly visible, not open for discussion.)
    • All Warnings and Kicks will be added to "Warnings and Kicks" section by appropriate admin and immediately locked. (Publicly visible, not open for discussion.)
    • All Reports and Appeals will be added to "Reports" and "Appeals" sections, publicly available forums for players, members, and admins to report and appeal players/restrictions as appropriate. These will be locked immediately and discussed within the Council. (Publicly visible, reply only as necessary? ie - Appeal approved. Appeal denied.)

    Role: Recruiter
    The recruiter is a Council level job responsible for
    • Welcoming new applicants with our standard copy-pasta and adding them to the PRT group.
    • After 30 days, verify that the applicant has been active in the forum & open a poll for their full membership.
    • Based on poll outcome, make membergroup changes in the forum.
    • Coordinate with TS3 admin to make necessary TS3 group changes as well.
    • Recruiter will work with specialists and members in the game that recruited the PRT to ensure that they are socializing the PRT with members on TS3 and forums (to be clear, this is the Specialists' responsibility as the one who is familiar with the PRT, but the recruiter can help move things along.


    If a Member chooses to rent a server that they wish to run in the clan's name they may do so provided that

    1. They follow all general {PR} Gaming guidelines, including
      • No hate speech or harassment
      • No admin abuse
    2. They properly support the game by either being an active in-Game Admin and present in the related pr-gaming.net forums or they appoint a responsible admin to do the same.

    As long as the server and admin meet the requirements above, the clan should advertise the game server on our website and assign the title of Specialist to the admin(s) for the game. If the guidelines above are not met the Member(s) running the game will not be listed as Specialists, we will not advertise the server, and we will ask that the server name / description / in game messaging not refer to the clan or website.

    Defining an "Active Member"
    • Is subscribed for email notifications in the forum to all applicable subforums ie Logs in at least weekly
      • Members Only
      • Council (if applicable)
      • Reports
      • All other forums relevant to any Specialist responsibilities
    • Participates in discussions (This one is hard to define, and probably shouldn't be a deciding factor. But if we are generally questioning whether someone meets this requirement, then it's likely they aren't participating.)

    Triumvirate Elections and Responsibilities:

    Triumvirate Nominees must be:
    • Member for >= 12 months
    • No bans in past 12 months
    • Active for past 12 months
    Any Member may nominate any qualifying Member, including themselves. Any nominee may decline the nomination. The nomination period runs 1 week, providing sufficient (3) nominees are received in that time.

    Given 3 eligible nominees, they are automatically accepted. So if you want choices, nominate!

    Triumvirate Election:

    • Three simultaneous polls will be created, each listing all three candidates
    • All members may vote in all three polls, voting as they choose
    • At the end of a week the results of all three polls will be summed and the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners will be the triumvirate
    Triumvirate Powers & Responsibilities:
    • On internal disputes between members, specialists, council the triumvirate is the final level of dispute resolution. A single triumvir may attempt to resolve an issue, and if the dispute continues a majority decision from the triumvirate may take whatever actions necessary for resolution.
    • Triumvirs are expected to work towards creating activity. They should continue to meet the "active" definition for the length of their term, and should strive to encourage events, new & active Servers, etc.
    Triumvirate Limitations:
    • The triumvirate term is one year, and then a new election.
    • To allow some flexibility for events that may interrupt, the election date is set for "Spring" (Northern hemisphere) or "Autumn" (Southern Hemisphere).
    • The triumvirate is expected to write up and propose new rules based on their view of necessities, but council majority is required to enact them.
    • The council may, at any point, move for a vote of no confidence against a triumvir.
      • Any Council Member can move for the vote of no confidence.
      • A 2nd is required from the council within a week.
      • A one week Yay/Nay/Abstain poll is then opened for all members, with a neutral statement of the claims against the triumvir, and then any Member who wishes can make their arguments for or against in the polling thread.
      • If the triumvir loses the poll they will be demoted to their previous rank without prejudice. If the action that inspired the call of no confidence justifies further punishment then the council would proceed with normal disciplinary proceedings from that point.
      • Nominations would immediately be accepted from all members with a poll to follow after one week for the replacement triumvir.
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