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Aug 14, 2014

  • [​IMG]

    1. 5 Mill starting credits
    2. NO PvP in Triple Positives
    3. Triple Negatives belong to the Pirate Warlords
    4. Spawn NOT protected - this does not mean you can kill people there
    5. Spawn is for spawning. Leave once you are in game.
    6. DO NOT bump ships out of protected sectors.
    7. No Hate Speech
    8. UPPER BLOCK LIMIT = 200k inc turrets
    9. Do not spawn in giant ships they lag the server and the entire sector will be removed.
    10. Do not land large ships on Planets - it causes Lag.
    11. No Faction Homes within 5km of spawn - It's lame.
    12. You cannot salvage a ship killed with intersector weaponry eg: death stars or rail guns.

    • NO PvP in Triple Positive (+ + +) Coordinates
    • Pirate Warlords may have home bases in Triple Negative (- - -) Coordinates

    We use Doomsider and Titansmasher's Starmade Daemon - Check out a list of commands in their thread.


    Players can buy sectors, create personal jump locations, fold space, place bounties on people and much more.