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Teamspeak Permissions

Jul 23, 2015
Teamspeak Permissions
  • Using the Wiki to track what Server Groups have what permissions, and channel groups as I edit them. This will be the main post, with sub posts under it until I have more time to find a more efficient way to do things. This is to help assist with this main post here.

    Quick notes:
    Server Admins only consist of TS Specialist and Triumvirate groups. They can do everything.
    All other server groups are Normal. If you have any kick or ban power, you can effect everybody except Server Admins.
    Guests are below Normal and are unable to move to any channels, it is not the Lobby channel that is sticky, it is the usergroup itself - if you know somebody and they are guest, please add them to an appropriate group. This is outdated! There are no more restrictions on the Guest server group!
    Channel Admins can add people to the Channel Admin group, and they have ban power for people IN THAT CHANNEL. Use this wisely! NOTE: Abuse these privileges (ESPECIALLY ban) and you WILL be punished.

    Permission overview:
    These are the permissions referenced in these posts. I will not be referencing anything in the advanced permissions unless I feel the need as I tweak advanced permissions in every single group and it can make the list very long and annoying. Hopefully, this can give everybody a sense of what the perms are supposed to be like, if not feel free to ask @Supplice -