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Team Speak 3

Feb 5, 2014
Team Speak 3

    Our Team Speak server is open with some locked channels. It caters for Cadets (under 16's) and Senior {PR} members. Anyone is welcome, so long as they observe the server rules.

    Rules Specific to Team Speak
    1. Clan members MUST wear their tags. Represent.
    2. If you are ok with chat while gaming - use chat channels
    3. If you only want people in chat that you are gaming with - use In-Game chat
    4. Do not enter in game chat channels unless you are going to be playing that game, that is what they are for
    5. Keep unnecessary chatter to a minimum if you are in a game channel. While commentary is fun remember that other people are trying to play.
    6. Other players don't really need a play by play of what is going on in your game; they are playing too. Try to keep commentary to a minimum.
    7. Try not to talk over other players, especially in-game. It makes co-ordinating your team very difficult and can mean the difference between life and death.
    8. While we understand that in the heat of the moment swearing /cursing does happen; try your best not to and be aware that we have members of all ages. With this in mind also be aware of the content of your conversations if Cadets are in chat.
    9. You may make your own Temporary Channels - so long as they are not designed to exclude other Clan Members.
    10. Locked channels to keep out public members are allowed in Game-Chat channels for strategic purposes only.
    11. Be respectful.
    12. No Bullying - Ganging up on someone or excluding them for any reason will not be tolerated. If a Member has done something wrong Admins will deal with it. We are not in the business of making people feel bad or providing a space for that to occur.
    13. No recording/screenshots to "catch people out" - If you wish to record, do it in the recording room or a twitch channel. In the event you are recording in a chat room, it is polite to let people know. (This is an old rule that was enacted because it is all too easy to make it appear someone has done something wrong. There is no way to "witness" what has occurred outside of the recording/screenshot.) I suppose there is some latitude here in that admins are often required to provide evidence - but keep in mind that Senior Admins are aware that this kind of thing is easily manipulated.
    14. Enjoy, and have fun!

    On TS Admins - What you should expect.

    1. Warnings - Warnings (reminders) should be given before any action is taken. Warnings should be recorded in the TS admin forum. eg WARNING GIVEN | MemberName and in the body a BRIEF idea of what rule was broken etc. In tags, include warning and the members name (separate tags) - it will mean if future issues come up - we can see them all together and in context.
    2. Action against members - Actions against members MUST be discussed in the forum. It allows for Senior admins to overview situations, and be appraised of what is going on in TS. This does not mean Admins cannot kick or ban without Senior Admin approval. It is simply preferred that warnings are made and documented before hand. If this is unavoidable, it is unavoidable. Action may be taken and then documented for review.
    3. As Members you should have read these rules. You may consider the reading of this page your first warning.
    4. Channel passwords are located in the Member only forum. If passwords are updated they must be updated in this forum also.

    NOTE: If you are being hassled by someone in Team Speak and and you cannot see any admins (they have a small S badge to the right of their name) to get rid of them you can make a complaint against them by right clicking their name and clicking on Make Complaint. It takes 5 complaints to get an auto ban.