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Triumvirate/TS Specialist

Oct 26, 2014
Triumvirate/TS Specialist
  • Triumvirate/TS Specialist - Gray/Black T/S
    Server Admin
    These users are NOT restricted by other channel groups or channels.

    They can edit server name, welcome message, password..., server host settings, use reserved slots, and view server information.

    They can create and delete groups, change channel, client, and group icons, and view permissions.

    They can add user to Server Admin, and manage privilege keys.

    They can move, kick from channel, kick from server, and ban Server Admin, as well as change client descriptions and grant talk power.

    They can create and delete Permanent channels as well as edit channels.

    They can send messages to All, set avatar, subscribe to channels, use channel commander, and assign priority speaker.

    They can manage files, upload files, and download files.​